I hope the Mayan's are wrong

Hey i'm Chris Colfer, i am 22 and currently working on various projects, also in the hit TV show Glee.
I'm currently trying to get over a break up with someone...that someone being Darren Criss. One day we may get back together, who knows.

Completed projects: Glee S1-3, SBL, Land Of Stories 1 and 2, 8.
Future projects include:Glee S4, another movie i'm writing, Little Leftover Witch and writing Land of Stories trilogy.

This is a RP account.

I’m really glad i put a colour catcher in when washing Darren’s socks

Otherwise all the shirts right now would probably be pink!

Darren, you have too many coloured socks and i think half don’t even have a mate.

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    But that’s good you told her… what did she say?
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    Don’t even mention it :p
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    Naya just has a shoe problem.